The Science of Posing

For models and photographers alike, coaching whilst shooting. Maximise those assets whilst perfecting the pout - and understand the importance of 'lines'. Learn how to anticipate aesthetic outcomes, augment and perfect your vision.

Have you ever wondered about what it is to be 'photogenic' and why some models seem to be able to just 'turn it on'? It's not sorcery nor is it a 'genes thing'… It's a science - one of perspective, in more ways than one! Purrfit offer unique lessons (and on site coaching/direction) on the tricks and tips that can make professional shots in to cover shots and turn ideas in to iconic captures. An exciting blend of psychology, art history and personal experience can be shared with you. It’s time to get perspective on it (literally. Workshop for groups, one to one coaching and on location direction. Suitable for everyone – from first time models looking to start with strength to experienced models, photographers and entertainers in need of a portfolio or PR polish.

Whether it's producing your shoot for you from scratch with our recommended professionals and costumiers, on site directing, pre-shoot coaching, photo-selection, editing or even firing the shots ourselves, your portfolio becomes our portfolio too.