Cats have long been worshipped, revered by ancient ancestors.  Some say cats today have not forgotten this…and receive their worship online. But if the cat bestows any spiritual wisdom to us today, it's a mindful message of self-accetance and self-actualisation.  Chant MEOW and remind yourself to be the  authentic ME, right nOW.

express-2Whilst one cat snoozes belly to the sun, another hunts in the twilight. Whether it's climbing trees or collecting hair bobbles, every cat has her/his quirks. As humans, we too are individuals and need to dedicate time to our unique selves.  From art, crafts, blogging and photography to sports, performing and travelling - expressing thy self in body and mind, is the ltimate goal for good wellbeing and social harmony. Look - Leap - Live.

At Purrfit, we catwomen happen to have  expertise in the bold expressive arts in Burlesque Theatre  &  Photographic Modelling.. and offer workshops or private coaching.


Are you a devout Cat-a-holic (interesting history here!)


Perhaps it's no surprise that cats have been linked to a myriad of superstitions beliefs. They have been feared and revered, honoured and even worshipped in Ancient times. The Egyptian cat-godess 'Bast' is long associated with good mental health, harmony at home, femininity, sexuality, expert motherhood, drunken hilarity, free love and dancing like no-one is watching. She had dedicated temples, even her very own city (Bubastis, now 'Tel Basta') and during her annual festival, dancers and priestesses would ride a decorated barge down the Nile encouraging the settlers to join in the  general revelling, drinking more wine in her honour this day - than in all the other Neter (gods) festivals put together?!


Did you know that Sekhmet - the Lioness Goddess of Ancient Egypt (right) - is associated with ultimate power, might, rebellion, war, devastation - and yet also she is the goddess of the subtle healing arts? She is also associated with family loyalty, self-defence and beer - owing to the myth where she came to Earth to kill all humans but got drunk on blood-coloured beer instead, and slept off her rage?

There is also a modality of energy healing known today as 'Sekhem', two of Purrfit's own high priestesses practice this today.