Consult Kitty

_D2X5349-EditAre you seeking a small, wide-eyed,  empathic personal coach? One who is also human and can talk back?   Charmed by curiosity, Purrfit's creatrix "Kitty",  is both ‘funny ha-ha’ and ‘funny peculiar’ -  an engaging  nature coupled with insight. She has a knack for uncovering and releasing emotional stress offering transformative therapeutic guidance.

Advocating self-expression through authenticity she is her own 'Purrfit proof' she is a successful writer, speaker, artistic muse, avant-garde cover-model, burlesque comedienne - and paranormal investigator (yup). She aptly acquired the moniker of "doyenne of feline femininity" (The List) during the Edinburgh Festival in 2008.

  • Academic Accolades:  BSc (Hons) Psychology and post-graduate certificates in both parapsychology research and in delivering mental health interventions.  She pursues her research interests, chiefly in consciousness, autonomic healing, interpersonal and interspecies communication.
  • Complimentary Therapy Training: Animal Assisted Therapy, Animal Communication, Sekhem Healing, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, NLP, Specialist Yoga, Crystal &  Seashell Healing.
  • Continued Personal Development in Expressive Arts:  Arts & Crafts, Dance, Clowning, Creative Writing, Photography, Piano, Theremin, Voice.