Burlesquing The Body Beautiful


A fun and informative workshop for all levels of burlesque/showgirl enthusiasts - from complete beginners to experienced pros. Express yourself by exposing an alter-ego using the notion of gender-ideals. Whether you are interested in performing/posing or just curious in how burlesque starlets create characters, develop confidence and ideas of where to start this Purrfit Expert workshop promises to inform, delight and inspire.

The workshop will impart over ten years of professional performance, production and promotion of this exciting, liberating and ultimately sassy form.This workshop is designed to educate participants with the principles and methods of burlesquing itself. From gender-bending character to exaggerated femininity & the lampooning of sexuality we will examine the power behind the clever use of stereotypes, archetypes and ideals which burlesque theatre is traditionally based on. An incredibly entertaining and motivating experience for all levels of performance experience. Featured on numerous television and radio broadcasts.